Atlanta area attorney Julie Liberman represents individuals and businesses in the enforcement of restrictive employment covenants. This is a complex and rapidly changing area of Georgia law.

Whether such restrictions are binding and enforceable requires an analysis of many factors including, for example, the duration of the restriction, the territory restricted, whether the agreement meets basic requirements of contract formation, and the date on which the agreement was entered. Julie assists clients in evaluating these and other factors that are critical to a resolution of disputes over restrictive employment covenants. Julie strives to assist clients in an early resolution of such matters whenever possible. When disputes escalate to litigation, Julie is an advocate with the depth of knowledge of Georgia’s laws and the willingness to seek to make precedent on behalf of her clients in this evolving practice area. For information about our appellate practice please click here.

Disputes Over Covenants Not to Compete

  • Non-compete covenants
  • Non-solicitation covenants
  • Non-disclosure covenants
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Trade secret and unfair competition disputes
  • No-hire / anti-raiding provisions / non-recruitment provisions
  • Injunctions and declaratory judgment actions
  • All aspects of litigation, including appeals
  • Alternative dispute resolution

Other Employment Law and Litigation Services

  • Advice and counsel on employment policies and procedures
  • Employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Commissions disputes
  • Wage claims
  • Employment related torts
  • Employment discrimination claims
  • Lawsuits, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

For More Information

Contact Julie A. Liberman, LLC for more information about legal representation in a dispute regarding a non-compete provision or similar issue. Julie will review your contract and offer an evaluation of your position and potential success on the merits. Julie is an experienced attorney assisting clients throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the State of Georgia.