Real Estate, HOA and Civil Appeals

Julie A. Liberman, LLC offers real estate, HOA and civil appellate legal services in metropolitan Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Learn more about Julie's primary areas of expertise below.

If you are involved in a legal dispute — whether you have been sued, served with a demand letter, are considering initiating a lawsuit, or you are otherwise needing legal advice and guidance — please contact Julie's office to schedule an initial consultation.

Real Estate Disputes

In addition to HOA and Condo Association matters, Atlanta area attorney Julie Liberman has broad experience handling real estate-related disputes. She represents individuals, associations and businesses in matters such as real estate contractual disp… Read More

HOA Disputes

As an element of her representation in Georgia real estate matters, Atlanta HOA dispute attorney Julie Liberman has an active practice involving community association covenant enforcement. She assists individual homeowners and community associations… Read More

Civil Appeals

If you believe that the trial court made a substantial error in a ruling on your case, the appeals process offers a chance to seek reversal. The appellate process is intricate and requires an attorney with specialized knowledge and a passion for appe… Read More


Atlanta commercial litigation attorney Julie Liberman handles a wide range of business disputes involving allegations of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, business torts, partnership disputes, and related claims. She provides her c… Read More

Non-Compete Covenants

Atlanta area attorney Julie Liberman represents individuals and businesses in the enforcement of restrictive employment covenants. This is a complex and rapidly changing area of Georgia law. Whether such restrictions are binding and enforceable requi… Read More