Can I Sue for HOA Harassm…

Can I Sue for HOA Harassment in Georgia?

Homeowner associations (HOAs) are intended to promote quality of life in neighborhoods and subdivisions. By overseeing common property, providing amenities for the community, and creating and enforcing rules, these governing bodies are supposed to en… Read More
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Abdullah v. Winslow at Ea…

Abdullah v. Winslow at Eagle’s Landing: An Unexpected Victory for Georgia Homeowners

A Georgia homeowner planted a flower bed where his homeowners’ association (HOA) wanted grass, and ended up harvesting an unexpected victory for Georgia homeowners. This case, concerning a seemingly trivial matter, actually represents a significant… Read More
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Do You Need to Sue Your H…

Do You Need to Sue Your HOA?

There are several steps homeowners can take to arm themselves with knowledge of their HOA’s documents and procedures, and to evaluate whether their Board of Directors is effectively carrying out its responsibilities, or in need of redirection. Idea… Read More
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The Necessity Rule Considered: Vinings Run Condo Association v. Stuart-Jones

When an occupant of a condominium is injured as a result of a dangerous condition on the property, who is liable for that injury? As shown in the case of Vinings Run Condo Association v. Stuart Jones, the answer may not be as obvious as one might thi… Read More
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How Much Interest Can an HOA Charge in Georgia?

Two recent Georgia Court of Appeals cases address the issue of allowable interest on past-due assessments charged by homeowners associations (HOA). What rate of interest is an HOA allowed to charge in Georgia? Northside Bank v. Mountainbrook of Barst… Read More
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When an HOA Fails to Follow Its Own Covenants and Procedures, Is Such a “Technicality” Actionable?

Homeowners aggrieved by their homeowners associations (HOAs) often quickly notice when the Board of Directors of the HOA fails to follow its own rules, or otherwise conducts business in manner that appears inconsistent with the Board’s policies and… Read More
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