How does a group consultation work?

Groups of homeowners who have no conflicts among themselves can ask about a group consultation. All members of the group must be present for the consultation. Issues unique to individuals are not well-suited for group representation. Issues in common to all members of the group can be explored in a group consultation. Please contact the office for our group rates.

Many other homeowners in my neighborhood are angry too. Can I share what I learn at my consultation with them?

No, what you learn at your consultation is privileged by the attorney-client privilege and should be kept confidential. If other homeowners would like information, they can contact the office to ask about their own consultation or you can consider a group representation.

Will Julie read my documents before my consultation?

Generally, no, the documents are reviewed cursorily during your consultation. If you need document review before your consultation, you can choose a 30/30 Consultation (30 minutes of document review and 30 minutes in consultation), or a two-hour consultation (60 minutes of document review and 60 minutes in consultation). Please contact the office for more information.

Do you offer free consultations?

We charge at the attorney’s hourly rate for consultations on HOA matters and most other matters that we handle. Often, one hour of Julie’s time is all a homeowner needs for direction to handle the matter on their own to resolution. Where there are further legal issues to explore, we discuss a larger scope of representation to proceed after the consultation. We offer limited, 20-minute no-charge consultations for matters poised for appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals, and for HOA Board representation. Please contact the office for more information.