Simply put, our HOA Board of Directors had not held a proper election or updated our by-laws or our CCR's in many years. Without adding details, our HOA Board of Directors had been ignoring actual policies and enforcing “made up” policies. Fortunately a small group of concerned property owners got together to discuss how to finally put an end to the Board's actions, and in-actions.

In January, 2022, we contacted Julie Lieberman's office to see if she would be able to assist us with these issues.

After a very pleasant, and positive sounding, consult we felt Julie was a good choice. There was not a week without phone calls and emails to and from Julie. While we may have been a little impatient at times, Julie was very understanding and did her best to keep us calm.
At this writing we now have a new, duly elected, Board of Directors and they are “hitting the ground running” to begin making the necessary corrections and improvements for our community.
We would not hesitate to recommend Julie, and her staff (also very helpful), to any property owner that may be having difficulties with their HOA.