Reviews of Atlanta Area Attorney Julie Liberman

Our association tried to change the covenants after we were living in the neighborhood for 9 years. There was a vote and by a slight majority the new covenants passed which had a new clause that was a more restrictive use of our property which we didn't agree to. 8 years later the association issued us a violation and later took us to court. Julie was very professional and argued on our behalf with multiple factual examples yet the lower court ruled in the association's favor. We were all shocked and took it to the appellate court where the lower court was overturned. This happened 1 more time with 1 more outstanding item and the appellate court overturned the lower court's decision the 2nd time. Obviously we were very pleased with the outcome but would recommend Julie for the guidance provided through the process and the way she handled our case.

★★★★★ Review

– Joe, Homeowner in Resolved Dispute with HOA

I hired Julie Liberman to handle an appeal involving a summary judgment ruling. She is the epitome of what an attorney should be. She is extremely organized and has great time management skills. She is very thorough and meticulous. She set expectations appropriately and got back to us with answers in a timely manner. We never wonder where our case stands because she provides updates as they occur. I am very impressed with her professionalism. Our legal system needs more lawyers like her!

★★★★★ Review

– Laura, Former Client in Appellate Case

Ms. Liberman was an excellent attorney working through all the various angles of our case with the advantages and disadvantages of each decision. The end result was satisfactory even though the plaintiff was very difficult and not logical in their litigation. Ms. Liberman was professional and worked extremely hard for us. It was a very stressful time for my family and she was able to stay calm and rational which very much helped us get through the process.

★★★★★ Review

– Former Client

I am a Florida lawyer who managed a law firm for many years. Ms. Liberman represented a corporation in which I was involved in the defense of a case in which the plaintiff based his case on incorrect law and swore to facts without regard to truth. She recognized the deciding law and prepared affidavits and memoranda in detail and accurately. She prepared for depositions and conducted them professionally. We obtained a summary judgment which is not all that easy when the plaintiff feels free to make up facts. Ms. Liberman was an associate in the firm we first employed.

★★★★★ Review

– Philip, Former Client in Complex Contract Litigation

Ms. Liberman is very responsive, knowledgeable, forthright, and professional. She takes a very pragmatic approach to assessing the issues and determining the best possible outcome and strategy to pursue. She also shows integrity, which was very important to me in this legal situation. I would highly recommend her services.

★★★★★ Review

– Former Client

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