Julie A. Liberman — Atlanta, Georgia

Julie A. Liberman, LLC is a real estate, HOA and civil appellate law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Attorney Julie Liberman serves individual homeowners, small HOAs and businesses throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the State of Georgia.

Julie is a trained litigator with over twenty years of experience who understands the value of resolving disputes before they escalate whenever possible. Early resolution not only contains client costs but provides for greater certainty, less stress for the parties, and increased peace of mind. To that end, Julie’s practice has evolved to focus on early resolution of real estate disputes, on the one hand, and appellate matters on the other. Without exception, Julie treats both clients and opponents with respect and human dignity, encouraging all involved in often contentious matters concerning homeownership to consider all angles of the dispute, and the long-term value of buying their peace.

Julie handles a wide range of real estate disputes and has developed a niche practice assisting homeowners in disputes with their homeowner associations and condominium associations, providing effective, efficient representation. She has an uncommon depth of knowledge of community association covenant enforcement under Georgia law. Julie has provided hundreds of one-hour consultations with Georgia

homeowners on their HOA concerns, providing a brief education about the scope of their legal rights and a fair assessment of the likelihood of success in their objectives. Many of our consultation clients proceed to hire our Atlanta law firm for additional representation in a dispute, but many others need only one hour of Julie’s time to gain knowledge and clarity in their direction forward.

Because litigation is often too expensive for individuals seeking relief from HOAs and other opposing parties whose budgets may exceed their own, the law firm is highly selective about the litigation matters it accepts, taking only a few lawsuits at a time. We engage in a careful vetting process to ensure that the client understands the nature of the risk of litigation and is equipped financially and personally for that risk, and that the lawyer-client relationship will be professional and productive while working toward the client’s goals.

If you are involved in a legal dispute — whether you have been sued, served with a demand letter, are considering initiating a lawsuit, or you are otherwise needing legal advice and guidance — please contact Julie's office to schedule an initial consultation.