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Attorney Julie Liberman represents businesses and individuals in a variety of real estate, business, and employment disputes. She assists all clients with resolving legal disputes in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Learn More About Julie
Ms. Liberman was an excellent attorney working through all the various angles of our case with the advantages and disadvantages of each decision.
– Former Client
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Julie A. Liberman, LLC — Atlanta, Georgia

Julie A. Liberman, LLC is a litigation boutique located in Atlanta, Georgia. Attorney Julie Liberman serves businesses and individuals throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the State of Georgia.

Julie litigates a wide range of business disputes, providing effective, efficient representation in all phases and aspects of the litigation process, from the inception of a dispute and the filing of a complaint through judgment and post-judgment actions, and throughout all types of hearings, trials and appeals.

She also has broad experience litigating real estate-related disputes. She represents individuals and businesses in a wide range of real estate matters.

Her practice includes an emphasis on community association covenant enforcement, an evolving area in which she has an uncommon depth of knowledge of Georgia’s laws.

Julie's employment law practice includes litigation and compliance matters under Georgia and federal laws. She offers a particular focus on the interpretation and enforcement of non-compete agreements and other types of employment contracts.

If you are involved in a legal dispute — whether you have been sued, served with a demand letter, are considering initiating a lawsuit, or you are otherwise in need of legal advice and guidance — please contact Julie's office to schedule an initial consultation.

Litigation Services


Advice and advocacy in a wide range of business disputes.

Community Associations

Representation in community association / condo association / HOA disputes.


Counsel on compliance and disputes concerning all aspects of employment.

Non-Compete Covenants

Advocacy in disputes over enforcement of restrictive employment covenants.

Real Estate

Counsel for individuals and businesses in real estate disputes.

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